Prayer – Heart on Fire

While walking with Daaji in the woods, I asked him a question: ‘What is prayer?’

‘It is the inner cry of the heart,’ said Daaji. ‘The heart’s feeling cannot be manipulated by the logical mind. Generally, we pray when we lack something. To pray under dire circumstances when we can bear no more is natural. But when we are happy and overjoyed, that feeling also becomes a prayer if we connect ourselves with God at that moment and express gratitude.

-Kamlesh D Patel and Joshua Pollock, The Heartfulness Way

The man approached the gates of the majestic palace, surrounded by beautiful gardens. He was poorly dressed,  clothes ragged by the test of time, yet one could see the effort put in, to look presentable.

He walked to the guards at the gate, and requested an audience with the prince. They declined his request and gently asked him to leave. The man persisted, telling them he and the prince were best of friends, as they went to school together. “Kindly announce my presence to his highness, he would himself come here to meet me.”, he says.  At this stage the guards scoff at his claims and become little rough, and push him to the ground.

As he falls to the ground, his heart lets out a cry; for his friend was his last hope. The starving faces of his children and his wife, the poor conditions in which they live and the harshness of circumstances that made them prematurely old, flashed before him. The mind chastised him for being poor, and unresourceful and egged him to end his life. The heart, understanding the despondent situation, shed the tears, these are not ordinary tears. When heart is involved they are tears of blood.

As he lay on the ground with all hopes dashed, he feels a presence, and a loving voice, unmistakably of his friend, Lord Krishna.

Sudhama, or Kuchela as he is more widely known today, is then taken into the palace where Krishna personally serves him, and takes good care of him. During his stay, Sudhama never tells his friend the purpose of his visit. He meekly offers the gift of puffed rice his wife packed to Krishna. Krishna becomes extremely jubilant and joyful and reminisces the many adventures they had together, the nostalgia and the sweet memories of boyhood adventures keep them occupied.

Sudhama takes leave of his friend, returns home with a worry in the heart as to how to face his wife. When he arrives, he finds that Lord Krishna fulfilled all his needs without being asked. Tears roll out of Sudhama’s eyes as gratitude fills his heart. Prayer communicates everything, and one who fulfils knows without explicit wording.

God or Help is not a passive energy, but ubiquitous force ready to harness and transform lives. It is always listening.

In his book, The Heartfulness Way, Daaji explores Prayer, and how to cultivate a prayerful attitude. You may purchase a copy of the book here

“Read and Enjoy. Do and Feel.”, this is the philosophy of the heartfulness practitioners. There are many gems in the book, and we should collect each one of them and share. Happy reading and sharing.

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